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How Long Do Pods Last?

Switching to a vape pod system can be a pretty good experience. Having a vape device that is more portable and easier to use is indeed a convenience, but there are some people tend to switch back to a full-sized vape mod. It’s not that pods are bad, but they do have one drawback—pods eventually need to be replaced.

Whether it’s a closed pod system or an open pod system, it’s either the pod runs out of juice or the coils get burnt. The latter scenario necessitates replacement, which a lot of people may find frustrating. Nothing is worse than getting a burnt hit.

Knowing how long a pod can last helps make this less confusing. It lets you know when you should buy new pods, as well as understand when a pod you’re currently vaping with is still viable.

Difference Between Pods and Rebuildable Coils

The main difference is being able to replace and rebuild coils in rebuildable tanks, either with pre-wound coils or coils you wind up yourself. Having that option makes the coils in rebuildable tanks for vape mods much cheaper to replace. However, that also makes it more tedious, which some people may not be into.

The cost of the convenience of pods is having to replace coils or even entire pods. That makes them more expensive, but the procedure is just pulling out the old one and pushing in the new one. The coils in pods are smaller and quicker to burn, so they can’t take as much power or last as long. That should still be fine if you vape nicotine salt eliquids.

Closed Pods: Up to 3-5 Days

With closed pods, which are not refillable and need replacing once the eliquid has been consumed, you may have from three days up to five days of average vaping use. If you don’t vape all day and just take a hit every now and then, perhaps you can even stretch it up to a week.

Of course, that longevity depends on the capacity of the pod and the power output of the coil. The coil inside is designed for that amount of eliquid the pod contains, so using it beyond the consumption of the included eliquid may be detrimental to your vaping experience.

Once you use up the eliquid in the closed pod, it’s recommended that you dispose of it and replace it with a new one to continue vaping. It’s not advisable to forcibly refill the closed pod as it’s not designed for that.

The coils in them are much thinner, making them easier to burn out. Also, forced refilling of closed pods can end with leaks, bad hits, and so on. At worst, trying to refill it just breaks the pod and you’ll have to get a new one anyway.

Refillable Pods: Up to 2 Weeks

Coils for refillable pods are designed to be replaceable, so you need not replace the whole pod. You can even clean the pods to maintain it while replacing the coils and before you fill it up with new eliquid. To that end, the coils are a bit bigger, thus they last longer.

Of course, because they’re bigger, they last longer than the coils of closed pods. Depending on your vaping habits, you may get up to two weeks on average with one coil, which may see a couple or more refills of the pod. Most open pod systems allow for the coil itself to be pulled out from the pod for replacement.

Different models of vape pod systems tend to have their own model of coils designed for their pods. Their availability depends on the brand and model you’re using. It’s best to stock up on coils if you’re a regular user of your chosen vape pod.

The advantage of refillable pods is that coil longevity and being able to vape your own choice of eliquid, either nicotine salt, freebase, or nicotine-free.


The main purpose of knowing how long pods last is so you know when they need to be replaced. This is to avoid vaping with burnt coils that may introduce bad flavors and impurities to your vaping experience. Vape pod systems are designed with a specific use case in mind, and it’s best to follow those instructions for the best possible pod vaping experience.

  • Nov 21, 2019
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