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The Advantages of Using Closed Pod Systems

People getting into vaping these days are spoiled for choice, so much that many are intimidated by that very diversity that makes vaping a great thing to get into. For those people, juul pod systems are a great choice as it’s the most convenient option available today.

Among the two different types of pod systems, the closed pod system vape is perhaps the most foolproof way to vape. If you’re not totally convinced of that, here are the reasons why closed pod systems are the way to go.


This is one of the biggest advantages of pod systems, but even more so with closed pod systems. You can compare different models of open and closed pod systems and you’ll see how closed pod systems tend to be way slimmer and sleeker.

That size difference is due to open pod systems being refillable, which means that most of them would have bigger pods to accommodate a bit more eliquid than closed pods. That means if you’re looking for something as slim as a pen, then closed pod systems are the way to go.

Sleek and Familiar Designs

As mentioned, closed pod systems are slimmer and sleeker. They usually feature slim designs similar to a pen or a USB flash drive, making it familiar to most people and easier to carry.

There are many open pod systems that tend to be wider and shorter. While they are still small, they can be awkward to carry in one’s pocket. What you may really want is a design that most people know how to keep in their pocket, like a pen.

Most form factors and designs featured in closed pod systems are meant to be familiar to most people, making them easy to handle and carry.

Easy to Use

Along with the portable design comes a much less complicated operation compared to box mods. All you get is either a fire button or draw activation, making closed pod systems quite beginner-friendly.

The advantage of draw-activated closed pod systems is since there are no buttons to deal with, you don't have to remember to turn it off whenever you put it back into your pocket to not accidentally have the button pressed somehow, which makes it a safety feature as well.

But even with button-activated closed pod systems, they're simple enough to use as well since holding the button fires it and pressing it five times quickly turns it on or off.

No Refilling

Due to the nature of closed pod systems, topping up on eliquid is basically taking the empty pod out and putting a new one in. For those who may find it tedious or difficult to open a bottle of eliquid and pour it into a tank or open pod, this is a convenient feature.

Getting new pods is easy enough as sellers of closed pod systems would most likely carry them as well. You can just get some spare pods stored away and install them whenever you empty an old one.

Installation is simple enough since empty pods are easy to pull out and new ones are just as easy to put back in. Closed pods fit snugly, and some devices even have magnets that make pods snap in.

USB Charging

Charging most closed pod systems involve plugging a USB cable into it, much like a smartphone. That makes charging easy enough for most people since all you need is a USB charger of some kind. You can plug it into an AC outlet, a powerbank, or even a computer. As long as there's 5 volts, it will charge.


A great thing about getting into closed pod systems is the price. Most closed pod systems and their pods are quite inexpensive, so you don't have to fret about vaping with them breaking the bank. Add to that the convenience of not having to think too much about pods and flavors, and you get a hassle-free vaping experience.

Closed pod systems are pretty much the most convenient way to vape these days. If you’re looking for a good closed pod system that delivers portability, ease-of-use, and great flavor in one affordable package, look no further than the motto by Cafe Racer.

A motto juul starter kit comes with a 3-pod multi-pack for only $39.95. Satisfy your FREEDOM today!

  • Oct 15, 2019
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