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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Pod System Vape

Getting into vaping can be a somewhat confusing journey as there are now so many options, each with their own technical details and jargon. A lot of people just want to have something to vape with, and that’s about it. They don’t care much for the other things that make it a hobby, like rebuilding atomizers and cloud chasing.

For those people who are just looking for a nicotine fix, there’s the pod system vape. It’s an easier and more convenient way to vape, and here are a few things you need to know to get started.

What is a Pod System Vape?

Many vapers get into vaping through a simple and inexpensive vape pen, then move on to more advanced devices as those small vape pens tend to be underpowered and limited in features. However, box mods, either mech or regulated, tend to be rather cumbersome and complicated, making them inconvenient in many situations.

You may then want to have a vape device that's compact while still packing enough punch to satisfy your needs. That's where juul pod systems come in, which are in between basic e-cigarettes and advanced vape mods in terms of size and simplicity.

Pod systems have the best of both worlds, being both small enough to put in your pocket and powerful enough to deliver flavor and nicotine sufficiently. They would also have other convenient features like having uncomplicated and easy-to-use setup, USB charging, unintrusive and familiar designs, and so on.

There are two main types of pod systems—open and closed. These refer to the nature of the pods they use, with open systems using pods that allow for refilling and closed systems being more like cartomizers that use pre-filled cartridges.

If that sounds good to you, then you should give a juul pod system vape a try. They’re less expensive than box mods, don’t need extra parts, and usually come with built-in batteries. They’re less fiddly and easier to use.

How to Use a Pod System Vape

Different brands and models of pod systems may vary, but they do tend to follow similar principles where it counts.

First, you load up with eliquid, which is usually nicotine salt eliquid. This is either by taking out and refilling a reusable pod or getting a new pre-filled pod. You then install the pod onto the device, which should fit snugly. Some pod systems even use magnets for a secure fit.

You then use the pod system to vape. Some pod systems are draw-activated, which means you simply have to inhale it to turn on and fire. Other devices may be button-activated like most traditional vape devices.

You'll then be able to figure out as you go along how long you should draw and how you should inhale to get the best flavor experience possible.

Advantages of Pod System Vape

The great thing about a pod system vape is how convenient and discreet it is due to the small form factor and uncomplicated operation. You can take it just about anywhere, and you can vape anytime you want.

Pod systems are incredibly easy to maintain, especially when compared to box mods. All you have to do is keep it clean and charged, and replace the coil or pod when you need to. Charging most pod systems is as simple as plugging it into a USB charger, just like with your smartphone.

As mentioned before, using pod systems is as easy as taking a draw. There are no extra settings or modes to fiddle with and the only other thing you need to do is to turn it on or off (if you’re using a button-activated one with no auto-off function).

Since they’re lower-powered compared to box mods, they tend to be safer as there are less overheating issues involved as long as you don’t fire it for too long. You also don’t have to worry as much about putting it on its side due to pods being designed to prevent leaks.

The last advantage worth mentioning is the price. Pod systems are quite affordable and are perhaps the best value for money in terms of both convenience and 

Disadvantages of Pod System Vape

There aren’t many downsides to pod system vape, and choosing to use one really depends on your personal vape style and preference.

One disadvantage is its lower vapor production. It doesn’t let you blow big clouds like box mods, so it certainly isn’t for cloud chasing. For most average vapers, this shouldn’t be a problem since plenty of pod systems out there still give off a good bit of flavorful clouds, especially those that use sub-ohm coils.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the shorter battery life. You will have to recharge a pod system more often than a box mod, which may use one, two, or even three lithium-ion cells. Since pod systems are easy to charge, that shouldn’t be too big of a disadvantage if you have a outlet or power bank nearby or with you.

But even with all the advantages there are with pod systems, they won’t be any good if your vape style isn’t in line with them. It’s all about whether it fits your vaping needs.

Open vs. Closed Pod System Vape

Once you’ve decided that a pod system vape is for you, the next decision is to choose between an open or closed pod system vape. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing one over the other depends on your preferences and use case.

Open Pod System Vape

An open pod system vape has a pod that you can remove or open to refill with eliquid once it’s empty.

This is great for vapers who like vaping their own choice of eliquid. That makes open pod systems better for those who like more diversity in flavors and nicotine levels.

Many vapers say they get a smoother draw from open pod systems, and they also get significant vapor production. An open pod system vape is best for those who are used to vaping with box mods.

Closed Pod System Vape

A closed pod system vape is like a cartomizer in that the pod can’t be opened and you have to get a pre-filled pod to refill it.

This is a more beginner-friendly option as you don’t have to fumble around with refilling the pod yourself. All you have to do is to take out the empty pod and slap on a new one to get vaping again, making it incredibly easy to use and maintain. They’re also budget-friendly since there are no coils or tanks to replace.


Pod systems have made vaping more accessible to more people. If you’re looking for a good pod system vape that’s convenient and delivers great flavor, check out the Motto by Cafe Racer, a closed pod system vape that should be right for you.

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