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Top 8 JUUL Alternatives to Try in 2020

The JUUL is the e-cigarette that everyone talks about, for better or for worse. It’s popular for very good reasons as it’s a vape pod that’s portable, classy, and easy to use. If you’re a satisfied JUUL user, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

Anyone can vape with a JUUL, but not everyone is satisfied with it. Its pod doesn’t hold that much juice and it doesn’t produce big clouds. For those who want something different that may actually be even better than the JUUL, here is a list of alternatives you can choose from.

These alternatives are small and sleek vape pods like the JUUL, but they have other features that make them superior to it in one way or another.

Cafe Racer motto

You need not look very far for a JUUL alternative. Our motto pod is designed to be a portable, convenient, and easy-to-use vape pod that isn’t that far from using a JUUL, but gives even better results.

The motto is considered one of the best closed pod systems on the vape market today. It has the same thin form factor as the JUUL, but provides a more premium experience with its flavor and great selection of flavored pods.

SMOK Novo 2

The brand name SMOK is a recognizable one in the vaping world. The follow-up to its SMOK Novo pod is an improvement and refinement of the original, maintaining the stealthy design while giving four times more capacity than the JUUL.

While wider and a bit heavier, the SMOK Novo 2 is also shorter than the JUUL. However, while the JUUL can only provide 6.5 to 9 watts of power, the Novo 2 is capable of providing 6 to 25 watts of power. This makes the Novo 2 superior in terms of flavor and vapor production.

SMOK Infinix

If you like what the SMOK Novo 2 offers, but really want the same form factor as the JUUL, then the SMOK Infinix is your best bet. In fact, most people may mistake this as a JUUL due to how it looks, but this can do so much more.

It has a bigger battery and larger pods. The draw is tight like a cigarette, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to kick the tobacco habit. Also, its starter kit includes two Fit pods and is significantly cheaper than the JUUL.

UWELL Caliburn

It may look a bit like a JUUL, but the UWELL Caliburn is one of the most underrated vape pods out there. The JUUL is not even in the same galaxy as the Caliburn in terms of vapor and flavor production.

If you want to wow someone with big clouds from a tiny pod, that’s what the Caliburn is for. Vaping enthusiasts rave about the Caliburn in message forums for good reason.

Smoking Vapor Mi Pod

Let’s bring in vape pods that do not have the same form factor as the JUUL, but are too good on their own to be overlooked. The Smoking Vapor Mi Pod can be kept in your pocket or hung on a lanyard, even though it has a 950mAh high drain battery.

Being one of the most well-known pods in the vape market today, the MiPod looks fashionable and comes in tons of designs, so you can find one that fits your outfit.

The refillable pods are fairly long-lasting, which definitely makes it better than the JUUL. You can either put it in your pocket or wear it around your neck with a lanyard, the latter of which you might want to do due to how pretty it looks.

Its design also allows for incredible airflow, which lends to amazing flavor and vapor production through its 2ml refillable pod. The Mi Pod’s small size and unique look belies its awesome features. 

If you want to start using MiPod today, we have a Salty Bastard Starter Kit that goes with a MiPod of your choice! 


Lost Vape Orion Q

If you want a pod that looks much like a regular vape mod, then the Orion Q by Lost Vape is a solid choice. Its design appears both conventional and exotic at the same time while still retaining the portability you expect from a pod mod.

It’s definitely something you should have if you want something that looks nowhere near what a JUUL would look like. Also, due to its form factor, it has a sizable pod and battery that will take you a long way.

Suorin Drop

This uniquely shaped vape pod by Suorin may raise some eyebrows, but it certainly delivers a lot more compared to a JUUL without even trying. Even with the fatter form factor, it’s still small and light, so it’s easy to carry around in your pocket.

But with that form factor, it has a 300mAh battery and 2ml refillable cartridge, making it superior in terms of vaping convenience. However, what it really boils down to is the flavor, and the Suorin Drop is known for being perfect for just that.

JoyeTech Exceed Grip

While it does look chunky at first glance, it’s still pretty small and more thoughtfully designed than what meets the eye. The JoyeTech Exceed is a vape mod made with ergonomics and handling in mind.

As the name suggests, it features a ribbed exterior that lets you hold on to it nicely. It won’t slip out of your hand easily and can be held onto for long periods of time. This is especially important considering its huge 1000mAh battery and 4.5ml pod with replaceable coils.

If you’re looking for not just an all-day vape, but also survival vape that won’t run out on you at the most inopportune times, then the JoyeTech Exceed Grip is the right pod for you.

Suorin Air Plus

The Suorin Air is a mainstay in pod discussions due to its consistent performance. The Suorin Air Plus improves on the original, making it one of the best JUUL alternatives out there.

While the JUUL has a tiny 200mAh battery, the Suorin Air Plus has a 930mAh battery that you don’t have to charge as often. It also has a 3.5ml pod, which is one of the largest in the market.

If you’re looking for an all-day vape, then this is certainly the one to get, especially if you don’t mind its form factor.

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